About Winiamo


The owner of Winiamo is the passion for wine as life pleasure, to share with everyone who can appreciate it. We address all of people who wants to know more about Italian wine, about wine culture, about the work which is inside every bottle of wine, and how the wine can be appreciate it at its best. We don’t like the idea to sell and distribute wine without explaining its features, without giving all the information to understand it and respect it. All this, with the hope to share, with our job, all the emotions we feel every time we open a bottle of wine produced with passion. In order to reach an higher number of people, we decided to write this website in 3 languages: Italian (our mother tongue), English (the language of internationality), Polish (the language of the country where we work).

Winiamo is based in Lodz, in the geographic center of Poland, and we have cooperators in the main Polish cities. But you can’t find our wines in supermarket or in the big distribution. We made this choice in such a way to avoid to break this chain of passion which link the farmer, the wine maker, the distributor, the owner of wine shop or restaurant, up to who is so lucky to open the bottle. For us it’s important to buy wine from who can understand it and can tell about it. Book lovers buy books in book stores and read them in libraries. Wine lovers buy wine in wine shops and drink them also in the best wine bars and restaurants.

If you can't find our wines in your favorite wine shop, or simply you don't have a favorite wine shope, just write to us, and we will manage to send you our wine directly at home.

And when you’ll taste our wines, please share with us your experience, your requests, your passion. Email, facebook, instagram, comments on website, chose what you prefer. The last ring of this chain of passion which link all of us is the recall of the wine in the mind of who drank it, and wants to share it.

Andrea and Beppe