Production area and denomination

Falerio dei colli Ascolani DOC is the name of a white wine cultivated in the province of Ascoli Piceno, in Marche region, center east of Italy.


Marche region

The name derives from Faleria (Falerius Picenus) , an ancient city of the roman empire, today called Falerone. Since the DOC has been created, in 1975, the value of this wine is linked with the culture of east coast and the flavor of Adriatic sea fish.


Marche region

Disciplinary of The consortium VINI PICENI provides 2 types of Falerio: FALERIO DOC and FALERIO PECORINO DOC
Falerio DOC is a blend of at least 3 white grapes:

  • Trebbiano toscano (from 20 to 50%)
  • Passerina (from 10 to 30%)
  • Pecorino (from 10 to 30%)
  • Other non aromatic white grapes cultivated in Marche region (from 0 to 20%)

FALERIO PECORINO DOC should be made with:

  • Pecorino (min 85%)
  • Other non aromatic white grapes cultivated in Marche region (from 0 to 15%)

tasting Falerio dOC

Falerio is a fresh, easy to drink wine. The color is pale straw-yellow, with green reflexes.  The bouquet is delicate, with flavors of green apples and white flowers. In mouth is fresh and mineral. In wines with more percentage of Passerina the flavor is more aromatic and less fresh.
It can be paired with fish, shells, and also with deep fried food. Most structured Falerio can also be paired with poultry.

It should be served in medium size tulip glass, at 8-10°C